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Need a bid for a big project? Have questions for our masonry team? Or are you ready for a career with one of the top masonry contractors in St. Louis? Whatever the case may be, we can help. Let’s talk!

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John J. Smith Masonry

4138 Meramec Bottom Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63129

(314) 894-9500

(314) 894-1172 (fax)


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    Family. Community. Qualified Professionals.

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    We see the people we work with as family. After all, we now have our third generation of Smith running the show. We have an experienced and friendly office and support staff who ensure our clients are taken care of and that your project in St. Louis goes smoothly. In the field, all of our staff are appropriately credentialed and have extensive training and a strong work ethic. All field employees have 10-hour OSHA training, and each of our supervisors has 30-hour OSHA training.

    Integrity and trust matter, and we demonstrate that every day with our we treat our clients and how we work in the field.

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