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Why Choose Smith Masonry

"When we are able to establish professional relationships that are truly beneficial, we truly have our fingers on the pulse of the industry." - John J. Smith Sr.

St. Louis’s history is steeped in a rich relationship with masonry. The community is a tapestry of meaningful and historically relevant stonework and brick structures. Brick buildings are still a core part of the city’s identity even today.

Along with our city’s dependence on brick come a vast number of masons who have dedicated their careers to brick and stonework. With several masonry contractors in the region, you must ask yourself that aside from price, what are the qualities you are looking for in a masonry contractor? When embarking on a project that is meant to stick around for many decades to come, quality must be paramount for any mason you choose to work with. And even more than that, you want a company that shares your values and your respect for your community.

A Bit About Smith Masonry

Smith Masonry is a family company with the artistry of a small boutique and the capabilities of a large corporation. We pride ourselves on our quality, our service, and our ability to give each of our clients the end result they are looking for. We have won many awards for excellence in craftsmanship, safety, and excellence.

Over the years, we have formed lasting relationships with many of our clients. Our clients depend on our resources and expertise. They know that we will do the job right. Some of our customers include:

  • Ameren UE
  • AT&T
  • Washington University
  • Anheuser Busch
  • Verizon Wireless
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Laclede Gas

View our full portfolio of work here.

In the words of John J. Smith Sr., “When we are able to establish professional relationships that are truly beneficial, we truly have our fingers on the pulse of the industry.” We take great pride in our ability to complete projects that are tailored to our customers’ needs and their vision for the project. Experts in value engineering, we will work directly with your architect to create a project that will be the best value for the life-cycle expectations of the building as well as your budget.

Work With Us

No matter what your needs are, our project managers and estimators will create a project that will deliver the best value and serves your needs. In addition to our excellent planning and project management, we have an incredible force of more than 60 experienced bricklayers and 15 foremen, all OSHA certified, who undergo continual safety training and education. Our team of union bricklayers will bring a level of quality to your project unmatched by other masonry companies.

Ready to begin your corporate or institutional masonry project? So are we! Contact us or call (314) 894-9500 now to discuss your needs with an experienced estimator or project manager today.


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Our people

We see the people we work with as family. After all, we now have our third generation of Smith running the show. We have an experienced and friendly office and support staff who ensure our clients are taken care of and that your project in St. Louis goes smoothly. In the field, all of our staff are appropriately credentialed and have extensive training and a strong work ethic. All field employees have 10-hour OSHA training, and each of our supervisors has 30-hour OSHA training.

Integrity and trust matter, and we demonstrate that every day with our we treat our clients and how we work in the field.

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