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Few companies take safety as seriously as we do. Safety has been a core tenet of Smith Masonry since we began, and staff and clients have benefitted from a special peace of mind ever since.

In May of 2014, we received a safety award from the Subcontractors Association for our 2013 safety practices. This award is a tribute to the hard work all of our employees put in to accomplish unparalleled safety practices. In addition to that, we have just completed a year without any accidents – a very rare accomplishment in our line of work.

Safety is always our number one concern. All field employees have 10-hour OSHA training, and each of our supervisors has 30-hour OSHA training. We require this of all our field workers. Our mason tenders continue to train and certify at High Hill Missouri at the training center, reviewing proper techniques. Bricklayers also perform ongoing training in flashing and grouting installation at the training center in Earth City. All employees are trained as scaffold users and some are trained as scaffold builders.

Smith Masonry is Synonymous with Safety

Safety is our number one priority. It is John J. Smith’s desire to send an employee home after a day’s work to their family unhurt. We strive to make the workplace safe, comfortable, and profitable so that our masons can feel empowered and clients can be confident about the quality of our work and everyone enjoys peace of mind. We have numerous safety classes and training that we engage in all year long. Due to the nature of brick and stone work and the construction industry at large, regular training and retraining on safety measures and best practices is imperative. In order to keep our employees safe and able to do their best, we require that everyone on our team takes safety as seriously as we do. Our emphasis on safety cannot be overstated. We feel that it is the cornerstone of our success.

We have received the following safety awards:

  • ASA Safety Award – Div IV – 2013
  • ASA St. Louis Member Safety Awards
  • ASA Midwest Council Safety Awards
  • ISN Certified through Monsanto Safety Requirements

If you would like further information about our safety practices, we are happy to talk! Send us a message or call us at (314) 894-9500 to discuss safety with our team.


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We see the people we work with as family. After all, we now have our third generation of Smith running the show. We have an experienced and friendly office and support staff who ensure our clients are taken care of and that your project in St. Louis goes smoothly. In the field, all of our staff are appropriately credentialed and have extensive training and a strong work ethic. All field employees have 10-hour OSHA training, and each of our supervisors has 30-hour OSHA training.

Integrity and trust matter, and we demonstrate that every day with our we treat our clients and how we work in the field.

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